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 art.cinemaspy: Giving Supernatural a fighting chance(mai09)

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MessageSujet: art.cinemaspy: Giving Supernatural a fighting chance(mai09)   Ven 29 Mai - 21:37

voiçi un article de cinemaspy du 28 mai 2009
concernant Supernatural & nos j2 en frère.

j'espère que ça vous plaire :)


I skipped Supernatural when it first came on the air in 2005. It was on The WB back then, and I made the mistake of judging the book by its cover.

Being produced and shot in Vancouver, I pegged the show as an X-Files clone with more monsters and fewer aliens. That just didn't interest me.

Over the years, I'd catch scenes from the show here and there, while surfing around or being too lazy to change the channel. When I'd stumble onto clips, I always found myself intrigued by what I watched. By then, though, Supernatural was a couple of seasons in, and I figured it was too late to try and get in.

When Season 4 premiered, my CinemaSpy colleagues insisted that I couldn't wait any longer to catch up. Armed with some DVD box sets — and TiVoing the new season — I set to work.

I had been told that the first half of Season 1 was too formulaic and not representative of what Supernatural had become, and what distinguished it as a show worth watching. I'm glad I had been warned, because those early episodes, when every damsel in distress looked like the same blonde that guest starred the week before, were tedious.

But as the mythology of the show came into focus, as the mystery of what happened to the mother of Sam and Dean — and because of the musical duo for whom the brothers were named, they will never be referred to as Dean and Sam — became the mission, I was hooked.

And by the end of Season 1, Supernatural was getting better and better with every episode.

The casting of the two brothers is one reason the series is so watchable. Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) are utterly convincing as brothers. The characters are also perfectly balanced through the four seasons that have aired. Sam has gone from reluctant hunter to saviour of the people to addict on the edge. Dean, in perfect counterpoint, has gone from arrogant soldier to resigned veteran to reluctant hero-in-waiting.

The supporting cast — despite the lack of diversity near the beginning of the series — has been equally excellent. Jim Beaver is excellent as the fellow hunter and replacement father Bobby Singer, and the single-episode guest stars have included great performances by the likes of Mitch Pileggi, Christopher Heyerdahl, Charles Malik Whitfield, and Katie Cassidy.

The performance of Misha Collins as the angel Castiel was this season's great addition. Collins' Castiel is devoid of emotion, but a brief glance, a quick look is all that is needed to reveal the inner conflict, the anguish that Castiel is suffering. He may have been left facing down an arch-angel at the end of Season 4, but I bet he’ll be back.

Revealing the angels to be of the Old Testament demeanor — often cruel, wary and jealous of humans, violent and vicious, very ends-justify-means — is just another decision that sets Supernatural apart from other television shows starring angels. Touched by an Angel this isn't.

What Supernatural tells us, more than parables about the obvious good-versus-evil battle, is the role of choice, the importance of free will, the difference between obedience and thinking for oneself.

The angels and the demons in Supernatural all follow orders, and sometimes the chain of command isn't at all clear. The cost of disobeying orders is vague, but Castiel was forced back in line, if only for a time.

The clever machinations and manipulations of creator Eric Kripke and his writing team weren't truly revealed until that final episode of the fourth season, "Lucifer Rising".

By the end of Season 4 we realize that Sam has all along been the pawn of the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel. Even though Azazel may be dead — gone forever? — the weaving of events that started with him discovering the location of the door to Lucifer's prison cell, and then manipulating Sam's mother into agreeing to let her son be fed demon's blood has been masterful.

But the big reveal thus far is that the angels, the "Warriors of God", seem to be fighting a war without a commander in chief. The lapsed angel Anna suggested as much earlier in Season 4 and Zachariah all but confirmed it. "God has left the building," he tells Dean in "Lucifer Rising".

There have been many reports that Kripke has always intended Supernatural to run for five seasons, and if that's true, and he's had much of the plot in mind all along, then Season 5, which I am now in great anticipation of, should explain where God is, if s/he exists at all in the world we're in. And I'm not convinced s/he does.

I also expect to learn more about the relationship between the angels and the demons.

As for Sam and Dean, who knows? Kripke has shown he isn't afraid to send his characters to Hell, he's not afraid to turn them into the pawns of good and evil. But though Sam finally went black-eye in dispatching Lilith — and releasing Lucifer — I believe he's not too far gone.

Through everything, there has always been Sam and Dean, and I expect them to prevail in the end. They have to, after all. But they may not prevail in quite the way we expect.

I should have staggered my viewing so it lasted through the summer, thus avoiding three months of waiting. Maybe I'll just start watching again from the beginning

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art.cinemaspy: Giving Supernatural a fighting chance(mai09)
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