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 itv Misha Collins : Spn s5 & Castiel (08/09/09)

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MessageSujet: itv Misha Collins : Spn s5 & Castiel (08/09/09)   Ven 18 Sep - 20:12

voiçi le topic de l'interview de Misha Collins consacrée à Supernatural season 5.
itv publiée le 8 septembre 2009 par iesb.

il y parle de son role en tant que Castiel durant cette saison, des frères, travailler avec jensen & jared et bien plus encore ...

attention spoilers !

j'espère que cela vous plaira !

Interview: Misha Collins on Supernatural's Season 5 and his Sexy, Scary Angel Castiel

In 2008, Misha Collins joined the cast of the CW television series Supernatural as the character Castiel, an angel sent to Earth by God to release the series lead character Dean (Jensen Ackles) from Hell to fulfill a job. Now in its fifth season, the actor will continue to appear as a series regular, working with Dean and his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) to stop the apocalypse.
During press interviews for the show, Misha Collins talked about getting to play a bad-ass angel, who is a little bit hindered in his abilities, now that he's been fired from Heaven.

Q: So many times in contemporary society, people think of angels as being nice, fluffy, cupid type things, and forget that in religious texts, they were bad-asses. How do you feel about getting to portray that?

Misha: I was really hoping that it was going to be a fluffy, winged, cherubic, sweet angel, maybe with hearts on his lapel. It's too bad that I have to play a bad-ass, smiting angel. He's scary and sexy, at the same time. I wish I didn't have to do that, but it's cool. I think it's a much better version. Honestly, I don't think they would have done the other version, except maybe for comic relief.

Q: How involved are you now in Supernatural? Ae you full-time or part-time?

Misha: I think I'm 6/7ths time. I have a contract for the whole season, so if they kill me, they have to pay me anyway. It's a good deal.

Q: How is it working with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki?

Misha: Jared and Jensen are a lot of fun to work with. They're both really funny, which is actually a problem. We shot a scene last week, and Jared and Jensen were standing on either side of a doorway, and I had to walk through the doorway to talk to Bobby (Jim Beaver) and, as I walked through the door, every single time, Jared would do something like try to trip me, grab my ass, pinch me or something, to try to get me to break and laugh. So, there's some specific challenges to working with the two of them.

Q: Have you started retaliating yet?

Misha: Yes, but in subtle and manipulative ways.

Q: What can you say about this season, as far as what your character will be up to?

Misha: Sam and Dean triggered the apocalypse. You can notice that I don't imply myself as being culpable in this, but they triggered the apocalypse, at the end of last season, and now the apocalypse is unfurling and we're trying to mitigate the damage. We don't start off this season on the best of terms with one another. I'm a little angry at them for screwing up.

Q: Were you fired from Heaven for disobeying?

Misha: I've been laid-off from Heaven, and now I'm collecting unemployment. So, basically, we're hunted by both the demons and the angels now, which really doesn't make for good odds.

Q: Are you handicapped in your abilities because you've been laid-off?

Misha: Not only am I unemployed, but I'm handicapped. Well, I have some abilities, but there's certain things that I can't do anymore. For example, if you were to break your finger, I wouldn't be able to magically heal it anymore.

Q: From a character's perspective, what have you enjoyed most about exploring this character?

Misha: I think my favorite thing about this character has been playing with discovering what it's like to be a human. His exposure to humanity is a learning process for him, and he's constantly learning new things about what it is to be human. That's the most fun.

Q: Are you actually more of a hybrid?

Misha: Yeah, I'm becoming more and more hybridized. I don't know what the percentage is.

Q: Do you believe in the supernatural?

Misha: I think I do, yeah, but maybe not in the way that a lot of people do. I think that there are things out there that we can't perceive, that are going on, that may appear to be supernatural, but maybe they're just super-scientific. In other words, we don't actually know how to explain the entire known universe, scientifically. But, there's stuff going on that's beyond our powers of comprehension, certainly.

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itv Misha Collins : Spn s5 & Castiel (08/09/09)
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