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 itv Kripke & Beaver°Supernatural s5 (11/09/09)

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MessageSujet: itv Kripke & Beaver°Supernatural s5 (11/09/09)   Ven 18 Sep - 20:27

voiçi le topic réservé à l'article de la rubrique "the watcher" écrit par maureen ryan, publié par le chicago tribune et datant du 11 septembre 2009 !

l'article est consacré à notre saison 5 ! vous trouverez dans cet article une interview exclusive combinée de notre Eric kripke ainsi que de Jim Beaver.
révélation sur la saison 5, plus précisemment le season premiere et bien plus encore donc attention spoilers !
(+ dans le lien la description officiel + pics du 5.03)

j'espère que cela vous plaira !

'It's the fun Apocalypse': Creator Eric Kripke talks 'Supernatural'

Eric Kripke and Jim Beaver talk about the 'Supernatural' season premiere
The post below contains interviews with "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke and with Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby on the CW show, which had its Season 5 premiere Thursday. It's best if you have seen that episode, "Sympathy for the Devil," before proceeding.

Before proceeding, a notice: Do not post all or most of this material on your site. Feel free to excerpt a few paragraphs and link back (that kind of linkage is most welcome). But don't lift the entirety of this post, as one site I won't name recently did (it wasn't a "Supernatural" fan site, by the way).

A couple of other notes: Jim Beaver talks in a general way in the interview below about some upcoming episodes, especially Episode 7 of Season 5. Spoilerphobes beware. If you're OK with spoilers, pictures and a summary for Episode 2 of the season are here. Pictures and a summary for Episode 3 are at the end of this post. All my previous "Supernatural" interviews and stories are here.

The "Supernatural" season premiere was certainly action-packed and satisfying (I've posted more of my thoughts about the episode below). One of the most notable events: In the midst of a demon possession, Bobby tried to kill Dean, but Bobby's real self emerged long enough to direct the knife away from Dean and toward himself. Bobby didn't die, but he's unable to walk and will be in a wheelchair from now on.

If you're worried this will affect Bobby's future on the show, don't. In an interview earlier this week, Beaver said, "I don't think Bobby's going anywhere any time soon," and he added that Bobby is in five of the first 10 episodes of the season (he's in Episodes 1, 2, 3, 7 and 10).

Before we get to the interview with Beaver, however, here are some thoughts from Kripke on why the writers chose to go this route with the character of Bobby.

MR: Regarding what happens to Bobby, what were you thinking?

EK: Well, we've had a lot of conversations in the [writers] room about how to make the Apocalypse matter, and not have it just be business as usual. [The idea is] that there have to be real stakes and real loss and real obstacles thrown in our heroes' way, because otherwise, what makes the Apocalypse different from any other season? The stakes have to be serious.

And so one notion came up to put one of our guys, you know, one of our beloved members of the family in a battle that he literally doesn't walk away from. At first I was a little taken aback by it, and I said, "But it's Bobby; we can't do that." But then the more you think about it, the more you have to say, well, there's no bolder way to say that this is serious.

MR: It's come home.

EK: Yeah, it's serious, there are real issues involved with this, there's real loss. And that's just one of several [losses] that are going to happen this season. [This is] one symbolic way to say that, you know, we're not screwing around with the Apocalypse, that changes are going to happen that are going to affect our characters forever.

MR: But Bobby will still be part of the show?

EK: Oh, yeah. He's actually still traveling into a couple of cases. We're just breaking [i.e., mapping out] one now with [executive producer] Sera Gamble, it's the second episode she's writing this season. It's this really heartbreaking, melancholy episode -- really the main emotional storyline is how difficult it is for Bobby to adjust to life in a wheelchair. And obviously, there's a "Supernatural" story, but the emotional core at its heart -- we're really playing it seriously. It's a major, major issue with him, emotionally and otherwise. And we plan on mining that.

Here is an interview with Jim Beaver that was done Sept. 7, a few days before the episode premiered. I hadn't seen it yet, hence the questions at the beginning of the interview about how Bobby got injured.

MR: So what exactly happened to Bobby?

Bobby gets possessed. But, by his strength of will, he surfaces long enough to save Dean by taking a hit for him, which is how he gets injured. Demon!Bobby is about to kill Dean and Real Bobby surfaces long enough to stab himself instead.

It was a really intense sequence to shoot and real weird too, because you're playing two competing motivations in the same moment. You're having a fight with yourself and you've got to remember all this technical stuff, like, "Don't blink because we need to make your eyes go black." I've probably mentioned this in other interviews, but sci-fi special effects are a lot more fun to watch that they are to do. In the midst of this really tense, emotional scene you've got to always have in the back of your mind, "Don't blink!" It's just weird.

MR: Eric talked a little bit when I interviewed him about this being a way for the Apocalypse to have a major impact on the Winchesters. He has also talked about it as the Fun Apocalypse (I like to call it the Funpocalypse), but it sounds like there is some real emotional weight to what's going on this season too.

I would say so, very much so. I just finished reading Episode 7 last night, which is a very Bobby-centric episode...

MR: Is that the one that Sera Gamble wrote, the one that dwells to some degree on how all of this impacts Bobby?

Yeah, that's the one. In some ways, it's almost a standalone episode, other than the fact that there's this aftermath to what happens [to Bobby] in Episode 1. It's got echoes of previous episodes and it does have an impact on what's to come, it's not isolated. It's a really good episode. And it's got the banter and all the stuff that Sam and Dean do together and the stuff that Bobby does with them -- it's got a lot of typical [episodic] aspects. But it's got some surprises too. And it has some real dramatic heft to it.

MR: We've seen Bobby go to where the boys are to help them out in the past, is he still able to do that? In the future, will it be more instances of them going to see him?

Not necessarily. I haven't seen the scripts for Episodes 4, 5 and 6 -- Bobby's not in those as a physical presence, but I don't know what they may have said about him. I was a little surprised that in Episode 7, he's gotten himself a van he can get around in. There's no real explanation of how he got it, so maybe they alluded to it in an earlier episode. Or maybe they just take it for granted that Bobby's going to do what he needs to do.

MR: Well, it seems like Bobby would necessarily take well to having to adjust his lifestyle or depending on others -- he's a pretty take-charge guy.

Yeah, but you know, you're going to see a much more vulnerable side of Bobby, at least in the first half of the season -- I don't know what's coming after that. This is not something that Bobby just shrugs off, "Well, now I'm a hunter in a wheelchair." It hits him pretty hard.

The first couple of episodes of the season, it's really the immediate impact [of the event]. Bobby's in the hospital for the whole second episode. He's back home in Episode 3, but he's giving advice over the phone. I'm kind of looking at Episodes 1, 2, 3 as a single episode, insofar as Bobby is concerned. It's "what happened, and here's where we're at." And then Episode 7 is more of a standalone, it's a variation of monster-of-the-week but has these new dynamics about Bobby and the boys' relationship with him.

MR: Does this affect Sam and Dean's relationship with Bobby? Are they guilt-ridden about what happened?

I think they are. Part of what's actually fun about Episode 7 is that there is some exploration of their new understanding of a little of what Bobby's going through. But it's actually done in a more fun way rather than in a heavy way. They get a more intense sense of what Bobby's circumstances are, but that aspect of things is kind of lighthearted.

MR: So given what the Winchester boys accidentally brought about and have to deal with this season, I would assume Bobby uses the word "idjit" here and there?

Yeah, let's just say that in Episode 7, the word gets used a lot more than it usually does [laughs]. But yeah, there's a lot of "idjit" bashing going on in Episode 7. But at the same time, all through the episodes, there's an ever-growing sense of family that these three have together, whether it's a dysfunctional family calling each other names or personal warmth and affection and respect -- those things all get a lot of increased play.

MR: So overall, does this season have a different flavor or intensity?

It doesn't feel like it has a particularly different flavor to me, other than the sense that once you've played your apocalypse card, what do you do for an encore? It feels like it's really building to something big, I have no idea what that is. Aside from that, it feels like another great season. It doesn't feel, so far, enormously different -- I don't think people are really going to go, "Wow, the show has changed so much."

MR: But being in the wheelchair presents a new challenge for you.

Yeah. If I do say so myself, I'm a bit of a whiz in a wheelchair. I had a college roommate who was in a wheelchair and he taught me some tricks. I don't get to do that stuff in character but it's fun on set to do wheelies. It's not like I'm ready for Cirque du Soleil or anything though.

Of course there's a certain responsibility I feel, playing somebody in that situation. Partly because I know some fun things to do, it's sometimes hard to sit in the chair and fully commit to the unpleasant aspects of it. Wheelchairs weren't invented for people to have fun with, and I try to keep that in mind. As an actor, it's very intriguing. Anything you get to do that's different from your own life is interesting. But I don't take it lightly.

MR: Well, I look forward to seeing how it all works out.

Yeah. I'm a little scared that this might put the kibosh on Bobby in a hot tub full of sexy demon girls. But the writers are so inventive, I'm sure Bobby will have some fun someday. I keep waiting. "Oh, let's move that to Season 6."

MR: There's the whole arc of Season 6 right there.

Yeah. [laughs]

My thoughts on the episode are below, followed by the Episode 3 description and photos.

I spent some time in the last couple of weeks trying to talk myself down regarding "Supernatural" -- I'd realized that I was so excited about the Season 5 premiere that there was a good chance I was setting myself up for a letdown. Being too wound up about "Sympathy for the Devil" before it even premiered might lead me to be disappointed with a good, solid episode.

Well, I needn't have worried. I thought the episode was really excellent. It gripped me from the start -- how about the awesome use of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" during "The Road So Far" -- and amid all the action and fights and emotional trauma, it managed to be funny too! Ah, I'm so glad this show is back.

The scenes with Becky the superfan just about killed me. I was a little bummed, to be honest, that isn't a real site, but everything else about Becky was comedy gold -- her constant pawing of Sam, her disappointment in Dean ("Not what I pictured"), her Sam-Dean slash fic, her reaction when "Carver Edlund" told her that everything in the Supernatural book series was real ("I knew it!"). And of course there was her spot-on meta-comment about the angels ("Nice change-up to the mythology, the demon stuff was getting kind of old"). When "Supernatural" goes meta, it's invariably a lot of fun.

Some other favorite things: Jared Padalecki was great in the scenes of Sam feeling hurt and terrible, and Jensen Ackles was terrific in the final scene as Dean almost breaks down while telling his brother he no longer trusts him. I quite enjoyed super-smiting Action Cas, Kurt Fuller as the ever-unctuous Zachariah and Mark Pellegrino as the unfortunate widower who became Lucifer's vessel.

I have to think God is back, and better than ever. Tanned, rested and ready. How else to account for Cas' return? And the boys turning up on that plane? Yep, somebody above Zach's pay grade is in the mix now, and it was wonderful to see that smarmy senior angel start to sweat under his white collar.

One final thought: That scene where Demon!Bobby ripped into Sam -- that was rough. I felt terrible for the poor guy. And when the brothers had it out near the end of the episode -- that was so well played by both actors.

I could go on, but it's late now and I'll just say this: Is it next Thursday yet?

Last thought: Let's all play nice in the comment area. Be cordial to everyone else, even if you don't agree with them. And if I see the same comments and ax-grinding over and over, I'll either not post those comments or just shut comments down all together. I do like to hear your feedback, truly, I do. But this is not the place to talk about how "Supernatural's" writers ruined the show/ruined your favorite character/kicked your dog/destroyed Western civilization.

Have things you liked or didn't like about this particular episode? Feel free to chime in. Want to air an old grievance or gripe for the millionth time? I'll pass.

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MessageSujet: Re: itv Kripke & Beaver°Supernatural s5 (11/09/09)   Ven 18 Sep - 20:57

Donc Bobby va rester en fauteuil, je suis déçue je pensais vraiment pas que ça allait durer

sinon ce sont de bon interviews, j'aime bien la review de la journaliste, et puis j'aime bien les petites anecdotes sur les yeux, j'avais pas pensé qu'ils étaient interdit de cligner des yeux pour pouvoir ensuite ajouter le noir pour faire des yeux de démons lol
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itv Kripke & Beaver°Supernatural s5 (11/09/09)
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