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 'Supernatural' Stars Prepare for Box Office Battle

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'Supernatural' Stars Prepare for Box Office Battle

The first two months of 2009 will be a great time for Supernatural fans. Not only will the fourth season of the series still be going strong, but both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will be battling evil on the big screen in highly anticipated horror movies. In January, Jensen will storm the box office with My Bloody Valentine 3D, which is an update of a barely remembered 1981 film. Nearly a month later, Jared will headline the revamp of a more iconic horror classic, Friday the 13th. Both of these R-rated gorefests have a chance to clean up at the box office, but which will be the better movie?

Just in time for Halloween, the teaser trailers for both My Bloody Valentine 3D and Friday the 13th have hit the web. Check them out below, but be sure to watch with the lights on.

In My Bloody Valentine 3D, Jensen plays the character of Tom, who returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of a Valentine's massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. When a deranged man in a miner outfit starts killing people yet again, Tom finds himself suspected of murder.

The film is directed by Patrick Lussier, who was behind such forgettable horror fare as Dracula 2000 and the direct-to-DVD White Noise 2. The 3D flick reunites Jensen with his one-time Dawson's Creek co-star Kerr Smith, who talked to about the ribbing that went on between the Supernatural stars. "We were calling Jared [Padalecki]," Smith reveals, "because he was shooting [Friday the 13th] in Texas when we were shooting in Pittsburgh, and Jensen was telling him, 'You know our movie is better than yours, right?'"

The trailer for the film really sells the 3D experience, and it looks to be tons of fun. Who doesn't want to see a pick axe flying at their face?

Jensen may think he's in the superior film, but Jared begs to differ. Padalecki explains to ShockTillYouDrop why Friday the 13th will kick the butt of My Bloody Valentine 3D: "Because Jensen's not in it and I am," he says jokingly. "And I hope that gets back around to him. I'm very excited about My Bloody Valentine 3D. Jensen had a lot of cool things to say about it. He had a great time. But we've got Jason, though. We've got Jason!"

The Supernatural stars are notorious for mocking one another, but Jared explains that it's all in good fun. "I grew up in Texas playing sports where talking sh*t is. . .like if you're friends with somebody, you can tell them 'Go F yourself' and not get a reaction," he says. "I respond better with the ribbing, so it was fun to call Jensen when he was working late. A few times he'd text me, 'Hey dude, you on set?' And I'd tell him I was off and going to sleep, so he'd make it a point to call a couple of hours later knowing I was asleep. It's cool, I love the fact that fans notice that, 'cause we have a great time."

Friday the 13th isn't exactly a remake of the original film, but more of a mash-up of the first three movies in the franchise. Early buzz about the horror flick, which is directed by Marcus Nispel (2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), has been extremely positive. The teaser trailer is light on the Padalecki goodness, but it's still extremely effective.

Supernatural fans can look forward to a very gory start for 2009. My Bloody Valentine 3D hits theaters on January 16, and Friday the 13th will be released, fittingly, on Friday, February 13.

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dans le lien les deux trailers bloody valentine et friday 13
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'Supernatural' Stars Prepare for Box Office Battle
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